A motivated and creative team with a special interest for environment and business sustainability

Academic background

We come from sectors like education, technology, project management (PMI) and cyber security. We hold post-grads and industry specific certifications in these key areas.

Professional Experience

Multidisciplinary team. From Military backgrounds, or global ICT Consultancy firms to teach creativity and arts to young children, we are passionate and committed to excel in what we do.

Environment Sustainability

Strong support for circular economy and Sustainability. De-materialization of personal computers is a key factor for e-waste (EEE) reduction and sustainable environment. Our Edge-Desk changes how we interact with computer technology.

Other stuff we love…

We love Open Source. We like to test other things and cross use technology. So we often look into Non Indexed Services (aka, dark web), CyberSec (open-source), Pen Testing, Recon and Vulnerability analysis, I2P, and IPFS.

João Hilário

Founder, CEO


Ana Ribeiro

Founder, Marketing

Sérgio Ribeiro

Chief Operating Officer

foto RC

Rodrigo Courela

Chief eXperience Officer

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